Strawberry Cake Filling Recipe: Delicious & Easy with 4-Ingredients

strawberry cake filling recipe

Strawberry Cake Filling Recipe: Delicious & Easy with 4-Ingredients

Introduction to Strawberry Cake Filling Recipe

Strawberry cake filling recipe is a delightful addition to any cake, offering bursts of fresh flavor and a beautiful pink hue. It elevates a simple cake into a decadent dessert, perfect for any occasion. Creating this filling from scratch ensures that you control the quality of ingredients and the intensity of flavor, resulting in a truly memorable treat.


Detailed explanation of the ingredients used in making strawberry cake filling:


1. Strawberries: Strawberries are the star ingredient of the filling, providing natural sweetness and vibrant flavor. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them a healthy addition to any dessert. Fresh, ripe strawberries are preferred for the best flavor and texture.


2. Sugar: Sugar is added to the strawberries to enhance their natural sweetness and help create a syrupy consistency. Granulated sugar is commonly used in strawberry cake filling recipes. The amount of sugar can be adjusted according to personal preference and the sweetness of the strawberries.


3. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice adds a hint of acidity to the filling, balancing the sweetness of the strawberries and enhancing their flavor. For the most delicious flavor, it’s best to use freshly squeezed lemon juice.


4. Cornstarch: Cornstarch serves as a thickening agent in the filling, helping to create a smooth and velvety texture. It binds the liquid released from the strawberries and helps to thicken the filling as it cooks. Cornstarch also prevents the filling from becoming too runny and helps it hold its shape when layered between cake layers.


These ingredients work together to create a delicious and flavorful strawberry cake filling that adds a burst of freshness and color to any cake recipe. It’s important to use high-quality ingredients and fresh strawberries to achieve the best results. Adjustments can be made to the quantities of each ingredient based on personal preference and taste preferences.

strawberry cake filling recipe
strawberry cake filling recipe

Importance of Quality Ingredients

The key to a sensational strawberry cake filling recipe lies in the quality of its ingredients. Fresh, ripe strawberries are essential for the best flavor, while high-quality sugar enhances sweetness without overpowering the natural taste of the fruit. Lemon juice adds a hint of acidity, balancing the sweetness, and cornstarch acts as a thickening agent, creating a luscious texture.


Here’s the updated ingredient table with the time duration for each step of the process:

Ingredient Quantity
Strawberries 2 cups
Sugar 1/2 cup
Lemon Juice 1 tablespoon
Cornstarch 2 tablespoons


Preparation Steps with Time Duration:


Step1. Prepare the Strawberries:

Time: 15 minutes

  • Wash and hull 2 cups of fresh, ripe strawberries.
  • Slice the strawberries into thin pieces and place them in a bowl.
  • Add 1/2 cup of granulated sugar and 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice to the bowl.
  • Gently toss the mixture until the strawberries are evenly coated.
  • Let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes to allow the flavors to meld together.


Step2. Cook the Filling:

Time: 5-7 minutes

  • Transfer the strawberry mixture to a saucepan and place it over medium heat.
  • Cook, stirring occasionally, until the strawberries release their juices and become soft about 5-7 minutes.


Step3. Thicken the Filling:

Time: 2-3 minutes

  • In a small bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with a tablespoon of water to create a slurry.
  • Gradually pour the cornstarch slurry into the strawberry mixture, stirring constantly.
  • Continue cooking for another 2-3 minutes, or until the filling thickens to your desired consistency.


Step4. Cool and Use:

  • Allow the filling to cool slightly before using it in your cake.
  • Once cooled, the strawberry filling is ready to be spread between cake layers or used as desired.


This breakdown provides a clear understanding of the time required for each step in the process of making the strawberry cake filling recipe, ensuring that you can plan and execute your baking project effectively.


Layering the Strawberry Filling

Once the filling has cooled slightly, it’s ready to be used. Spread it evenly between cake layers, alternating with your favorite frosting or whipped cream. The vibrant color and fresh taste of the strawberry filling will complement any cake recipe beautifully.


Tips for Perfect Strawberry Cake Filling

  • Use ripe strawberries for the best flavor.
  • You can tweak the sugar amount based on how sweet you like your strawberries and your taste.
  • Be patient while cooking the filling to allow the flavors to develop fully.
  • Store any leftover filling in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week.


What are the 6 types of filling use in cakes:

The six types of fillings commonly used in cakes are:


  1. Fruit fillings (e.g., strawberry, raspberry, blueberry)
  2. Custard fillings (e.g., vanilla custard, pastry cream)
  3. Cream cheese fillings (e.g., cheesecake filling)
  4. Chocolate ganache fillings (made from chocolate and cream)
  5. Buttercream fillings (e.g., vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream)
  6. Mousse fillings (e.g., chocolate mousse, fruit mousse)


Variations and Additions

Feel free to customize your strawberry cake filling recipe by adding other fruits such as raspberries or blueberries for a mixed berry filling. You can also enhance the flavor with a splash of vanilla extract or a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper for a subtle kick.


Nutrition detail for the strawberry cake filling recipe:

Nutrition Information (Per Serving, approximately 1/4 cup):


  • Calories: Approximately 70 calories
  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Saturated Fat: 0g
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 0mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: Approximately 18g
  • Dietary Fiber: 1g
  • Total Sugars: Approximately 15g (Includes 12g added sugars)
  • Protein: 0g

This nutrition information is approximate and may vary depending on factors such as the exact ingredients used and serving size. It’s important to note that the strawberry cake fillingĀ  recipe is primarily composed of strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, and cornstarch, making it relatively low in fat and calories.

However, it does contain added sugars from the granulated sugar used in the recipe.


How to Store Strawberry Cake Filling

Store any unused strawberry cake filling in the refrigerator in a sealed container. Before using it again, let it come to room temperature and give it a good stir to restore its creamy consistency.


Benefits of the Strawberry Cake Filling Recipe:


  1. Freshness: The use of fresh strawberries in the filling provides a burst of freshness and natural flavor to the cake. Unlike store-bought fillings, which may contain preservatives, homemade strawberry filling offers a wholesome and refreshing taste.


  1. Nutritional Value: Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin C, manganese, and folate. By using real strawberries in the filling, you’re incorporating nutritious ingredients into your dessert, making it a healthier option compared to artificial flavorings or fillings.


  1. Customizable Sweetness: One of the benefits of making your own strawberry filling is that you can control the sweetness level. By adjusting the amount of sugar added to the strawberries, you can tailor the filling to your taste preferences. This allows you to create a filling that is perfectly balanced in sweetness and acidity.


  1. Versatility: The strawberry cake filling can be used in a variety of desserts besides cake. You can use it to fill cupcakes, tarts, pastries, or even as a topping for pancakes or waffles. Its versatility makes it a useful recipe to have on hand for various baking projects.


  1. Homemade Taste: Making strawberry filling from scratch allows you to appreciate the natural flavors of the ingredients. The aroma of fresh strawberries combined with the tanginess of lemon juice creates a filling that is bursting with homemade goodness. Your cakes will taste better and fresher with homemade filling compared to store-bought alternatives.


By making your own strawberry cake filling recipe, you not only have control over the quality and freshness of the ingredients but also get to enjoy the satisfaction of creating a delicious and wholesome dessert from scratch.


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In conclusion, mastering the art of making strawberry cake filling recipe allows you to create show-stopping desserts that are as beautiful as they are delicious. With quality ingredients and simple preparation steps, you can elevate any cake into a culinary masterpiece that will impress friends and family alike.




Q1. Can I use frozen strawberries for the filling?

Although fresh strawberries offer the best flavor, you can opt for frozen strawberries if fresh ones aren’t accessible. Just ensure they thaw completely before using.

Q2. How long does homemade strawberry cake filling last?

You can refrigerate homemade strawberry cake filling for up to a week. Remember to store it in a sealed container to maintain its freshness.

Q3. What is strawberry filling made of?

Strawberry filling is typically made of fresh strawberries, sugar, and sometimes a thickening agent like cornstarch or gelatin to help it hold together.

Q4. Can I use this filling for other desserts besides cake?

Absolutely! This versatile strawberry filling can be used in tarts, pies, pastries, or even as a topping for ice cream or yogurt.

Q5. Can I use a sugar substitute in the filling?

Yes, you can substitute granulated sugar with your preferred sugar alternative. Modify the quantity based on how sweet you want it to be.


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